Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Jose, CA

Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Jose, CA

Wisdom teeth are either known as the last set or the third set of teeth that are expected to erupt during the onset of adolescence or during the early twenties. All is fine if wisdom teeth come out with proper alignment causing no problems. But it is not always likely that they should.

Some wisdom teeth may erupt in a manner that causes overcrowding, misalignments, and altered facial structure. Wisdom teeth, as they are in the back of the mouth, are known to cause other dental problems such as jaw and nerve damage, infection of the mouth, and many more.

Experts suggest to beginning early evaluation of the wisdom teeth in the early twenties as it will allow dentists to predict their growth pattern. If they will result in further overcrowding and misalignments, they might as well be removed for the health of the remaining teeth.

What problems can we encounter because of wisdom teeth?

There are situations when wisdom teeth can be burdensome. To start off, when a wisdom teeth denies erupting, it may remain stuck under the gums. This wisdom teeth may over time be trapping a large number of food particles causing accumulation of bacteria, thus, leading to infection. Hence, it is very vital that their growth pattern is either evaluated or have it completely removed.

Here are some of the damages that wisdom teeth can cause: 

  • Damage to the nerve endings of the teeth.
  • Trap infection-causing bacteria.
  • Result in Gingivitis.
  • Swelling of the gums.
  • Teeth misalignments.
  • Altered jaw growth.
  • Promote malignancy.
  • Damaging the jawbone.
  • Result in the formation of tumors and cyst.

Why is it important to remove the wisdom teeth?

As the above reasons suggest, it is likely that 85% of patients will encounter these issues. Unless early examination and evaluation of wisdom teeth are done, they are likely to grow in unexpected ways resulting in impacted growth of the wisdom teeth. This can lead to either misalignments or overcrowding of the existing teeth, tissue damage, and many more.

What is the procedure that involves the extraction of the wisdom teeth?

The procedure that involves the removal of the wisdom teeth is simple.

  • The patient will be requested to start fasting for 8 hours prior to the procedure. We advise this as it will be easier for the sedatives to work.
  • On the day of the procedure, the extraction may borrow around 90 minutes of the patient’s time. The patient will be administered with IV sedatives as well as a local anesthesia for more comfort.
  • They stitches are soluble and hence will fade away in a few days’ time. During the first few days of the extraction, the patient may experience a slight discomfort which will gradually subside after a week.

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