Dental emergencies may be unpleasant and scary. Infection, a lost tooth, uncontrolled bleeding, or cracked teeth are all possibilities. Patients in need of emergency dental care can come to Silicon Valley Dental Center for those services. In case of a dental emergency, contact our clinic straight away. We’re here to answer your calls even after hours at (408) 578-5911. Our skilled emergency dentists and friendly dental staff will handle your oral health problems.

Silicon Valley Dental Center prioritizes those of our patients who are in pain or need emergency care. Our caring team can provide you with the prompt support you need. The same day may be chosen for your urgent dental appointment.

Emergency Dentistry in San Jose, CA

When a dental emergency arises, you’ll know you need one. You could believe toothaches brought on by cavities, injuries, oral trauma, or extractions are unpleasant or terrifying. Silicon Valley Dental Center possesses the required equipment to offer the best emergency dental care as soon as possible so that you can start feeling better.

These dental emergencies happen most often.

When you are unclear whether or not it is a dental emergency, please give us a call. On the phone, we provide you with suggestions and patiently walk you through the procedure. We can also schedule an appointment for you.

Urgent dental care in San Jose, California

We are dedicated to providing the greatest dental treatment, whether you need a same-day or after-hours appointment, so you can feel better and smile again. Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to provide the best dental care. Your worries will go as we address your dental health issues in our welcoming office setting.

Emergency Dentists Near Me in San Jose

Emergency Dentist Dr. Hani Jamah for San Jose Community

Make an Emergency Dental Appointment with Dr. Hani Jamah at Silicon Valley Dental Center

Emergency Dentistry

Dr. Hani Jamah has over 23 Years years of experience with a wide range of oral health issues and is prepared to handle any type of dental emergency.

Our team in San Jose California  relieve your pain and worry, both routine dental treatment and emergency dental care address your oral health. Organize a meeting date. Schedule an appointment for emergency dental problems, so we can take care of your oral health problems immediately. You can also stop by our San Jose dental office.

FAQ for Dental Emergency

What is a dental emergency?

Any circumstance that calls for quick pain alleviation, bleeding control or tooth preservation is considered a dental emergency. Please get in touch with Silicon Valley Dental Center as soon as possible if you have a dental emergency.

Can a dental emergency be treated by your San Jose, California emergency dentist?

While some dental problems might wait until your next appointment, some require immediate care. Understanding the difference between urgent and non-urgent circumstances is essential. There may not be anyone accessible to help you if you have a dental emergency on weekends or after hours.

These dental emergencies require immediate attention.

  • a broken jaw.
  • extremely sensitive teeth
  • loose or missing teeth
  • edema
  • swollen cheeks, along with dental pain
  • persistent toothache

You need to contact your dentist immediately if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Below are some instances of non-emergency dental emergencies.

  • Dull toothache
  • Broken or broken teeth that don't hurt terribly
  • Lost crown, bridge, or filling
  • Damaged or broken retainer or night guard
  • Mild sensitivity to the touch

Even if you don't have a dental emergency that has to be addressed immediately, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Even if you have a dental emergency, you still need to let your dentist know so they can advise and let you know what they can do at your next appointment.

What dental emergency occurs the most frequently?

The most typical dental emergency is the loss of a tooth. When this occurs, try to save the tooth so your dentist can reattach it. Keep the tooth from drying out so that Dr. Hani Jamah can effectively restore it to your mouth.

Can a San Jose, California emergency room remove a tooth?

At Silicon Valley Dental Center, tooth extractions may only be done by a dentist. In most US states, it is illegal for a doctor to do any corrective dental therapy, including tooth extractions. In emergency departments, doctors' sole options for treatment are quick fixes like prescribing painkillers or antibiotics. You will still need to visit the dentist to address your dental emergency.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency but can't get in touch with my dentist?

You may do several things if you have a dental emergency and cannot contact your dentist. Here are several examples:

  • While you're in agonizing pain, use over-the-counter painkillers to get the discomfort under control.
  • To lessen the swelling, rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution.
  • To minimize swelling, use a cool compress on the swollen cheek.
  • Bite down on the bleeding region with gauze or a piece of cloth while applying pressure if there is a lot of bleeding.

What if a tooth is lost due to an accident?

When a tooth is accidentally knocked out, be sure to find it since it could grow back into your mouth. Once located, attempt to reconnect the tooth to the socket by washing it with saline solution or non-sugar milk. Visit the dentist as soon as possible so they can replace the missing tooth in your mouth. This should be completed an hour after the injury. If you cannot do so within an hour, place the tooth in a cup of saline solution or unsweetened milk to keep it moist. Avoid immersing the tooth since the delicate roots might become damaged.