Cracked or damaged tooth risks breaking or splitting if treatment is neglected. There are five types of broken teeth: vertical root fractures, craze lines, split roots, fractured cusps, and cracked teeth. According to Pain Research and Management, most dentists recommend full crowns for damaged teeth.  Silicon Valley Dental Center, Dr. Hani Jamah‘s 23 Years of years of experience treating cracked or broken teeth. We are located near San Jose, California.

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Cracked Tooth Treatment by Dr. Hani Jamah

Dr. Hani Jamah’s extensive knowledge in treating cracked or broken teeth will walk you through the procedure and guarantee that your teeth are healthy. Dr. Hani Jamah, a cracked tooth San Jose expert, offers free consultations to find the most affordable and effective treatments nearSan Jose.

What is a Cracked Tooth?

Cracked teeth are shattered. Your teeth might break or fracture if left untreated. Anybody may break a tooth; however, children and older people tend to have broken teeth more frequently.

What are the Different Types of Tooth Fractures?

There are five different types of cracked teeth. The most typical kinds of broken teeth that dentists see fall into these five categories.

  • Vertical root fractures –  This break extends from the surface most exposed at the very bottom of the root. While this injury may cause some discomfort, many people do not feel it.
  • Cracked tooth – When a crack develops, you have a cracked tooth. Sometimes the crack will be little and unharmful. Sometimes it might lead to a crack or break in your teeth.
  • Craze lines – Small enamel fractures known as craze lines. On the front teeth, they are particularly noticeable.
  • Fractured cusps – Fractured cusps are chewing surface fractures that typically surround fillings. Rarely do fractured cusps damage or harm the pulp.
  • Split root – The surface of your tooth has a fracture that extends below the gum line. Your tooth is split in two by this fracture.

What are the Causes of a Cracked Tooth?

These are the most common reasons for cracked teeth.

  • Age –  tooth cracks are common in those over 50.
  • Biting hard foods –  such as ice, popcorn kernels, or candy.
  • Habit – tooth cracks can form when gum chewing or ice chewing.
  • Large dental fillings or a root canal – these procedures weaken the tooth.
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism).
  • Trauma – includes falls, bike accidents, car accidents, sports injuries, or physical violence.

How to Determine if a Tooth is Cracked?

These sensations may indicate a broken tooth.

  • Inconsistent pain can come and go and be made worse by biting onto something and then releasing the bite.
  • discomfort is felt when consuming hot or cold meals or beverages.
  • sensitivity while eating sticky, sour, or sweet foods.
  • sharp edges are apparent on the cracked tooth

Is breaking my Tooth considered an emergency?

Most chips and cracks don’t require immediate attention. Watch what they bite into while one tooth is in pain. With a broken or chipped tooth, stay away from hard foods and extreme temperatures.

Should a Cracked Tooth Be Extracted?

This will need to be extract tooth when the crack goes past the gum line since it is no longer treatable and cannot be saved.

What happens if a molar tooth has broken off at the gum line?

Your dentist will likely conduct a technique known as crown lengthening on your damaged back molar tooth. Be sure to keep the shards of your fractured tooth, as your dentist may be able to salvage and reattach the tooth. If the damage goes below the gum, however, the tooth will likely be removed.

How do Dentists Treat Cracked Tooth?

Dentists tackle tooth restoration based on the degree of the damage. Dental bonding is the treatment of choice for minor cracks, while dental crowns are reserved for more severe situations. Extreme cracks necessitate endodontic treatment, dental implants, or extraction.

Can Dental Bonding fix a tooth that has broken?

Yes. Dental bonding is considered the most ideal and affordable procedure for Tooth Repair. Additionally, composite resin is a long-lasting and natural-looking substitute for a tooth.

Is a Dental Filling a good option to repair my cracked teeth?

Filling cracked tooth is one of the most effective options for repairing minor tooth damage. Dentists use restorative filling material as a way of temporarily fixing teeth that have suffered decay, are broken, or need to be fixed. Dental fillings are a painless and cost-effective option for minor tooth repair.

Can a Root Canal save a tooth that has cracked?

Yes. The fracture in tooth’s pulp can be repaired with a root canal treatment and a crown to stop the crack from spreading if the crack has already reached the pulp. However, if the fracture goes below the gum line, it cannot be treated and the tooth need to be extracted.

Do Dental Implants fix teeth that have broken?

A teeth implants is typically used to replace a lost tooth rather than fixing a fractured tooth. When Implanting new teeth, this often happens.

Can Veneers be put over teeth to cover the cracks?

Dental veneers cover cracked Tooth. Dental veneers are a good solution if you are bothered by the way your teeth look.

Should I get a Crown if I cracked my tooth?

Major tooth damage nearly always necessitates the use of a dental crown. A tooth crown is placed over severely damaged tooth and it is a versatile restoration that can be used to address a wide range of dental issues like a cracked, chipped, decayed, deformed, or broken tooth.

How to Get Rid of Broken Tooth Pain?

The discomfort caused by a broken tooth may be eased by applying ice or a cool compress to the mouth or cheek. Put ice in your mouth to reduce swelling and soreness. Avoid extremely hot or cold food and drinks until you have seen your dentist if the pulp or nerve of the tooth is exposed.

Can hairline cracks in a front tooth heal over time?

Yes, provided the damage is minimal, the chipped front tooth can cure itself over time. For instance, there is a probability that a painless hairline fracture on the enamel’s surface would mend. Your teeth will undergo remineralization to fix the hairline fracture.

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